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Selection of INERTIA Pilot Site Areas at CERTH premises

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The pilot survey and audits meeting of the INERTIA project was hosted by CERTH on 28/02 - 01/03 2013.

During the meeting, the participants (CERTH & CNet) had the opportunity to attend a guided tour at the CERTH premises, organized by Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, during which a quick on-site survey was performed on several building areas, to identify appropriate candidates for pilot evaluation purposes, while further technical details on the installation of specialized equipment and the integration with existing building monitoring infrastructures were discussed.

CERTH premises comprise a large scale multifaceted working area, hosting hundreds of researchers, employees, students and visitors within areas of different purpose, as well as several public use zones. The premises include various types of DERs like local renewable generation, commercial equipment (freezers, dishwashers) office equipment, HVAC systems as well as specialized research equipment. CERTH premises provide a fully-fledged test case for real-life calibration & evaluation of the INERTIA system Business Scenarios.